Texas Hold'em: Hand Strenght Simulator (ENG)

Portál Activeden.net nabízí zajímavý on-line nástroj, který slouží
pro výpočet šance na výhru na základě zadaných podmínek.
Autor uvádí svůj nástroj slovy:
"You drag and drop cards into the predefined slots for the player’s hand
and the community cards, and it’ll run simulations dealing the specified
number of opponents random cards (and filling up any empty slots with
random cards, too). At the end of every simulation, the winner will be
selected, and after all simulations, you will be presented with the
percentage of wins considering the given hand.
Not all community cards have to be specified in order for the simulations
to run – you can leave as many empty as you please. The hand, however,
has to be filled in completely (as would be the case at any state in
a regular poker match)
A great file for poker-dedicated websites, but also just as a tool to have
up your sleeve when playing online poker! Have a go, test it out!"
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