A Guide On Collecting and Sharing Hand Histories

Zajímavý článek s užitečným obsahem si můžete prohlédnout na níže uvedené adrese. Pojednává o shromažďování a sdílení záznamů hand history.
Collectng hand history data has become the norm for expert online poker players. Most professional online poker players make use of several tools to get a winning edge in the game and to sharpen their game skills.

Players collect huge data bases, not just on thier own, but by combining the data collected by colleagues.. A player who receives this detailed information gets an unfair advantage over these opponents and is able to manipulate each opponent according to how their previous hands have been played. Online poker is all about investing and if one obtains a loophole where s/he can make a great fortune is short time then this would be unfair to the rest of the players. Players who make use of data mining tools such as poker tracker are able to observe the loose players and avoid the tight players.  Hence, PokerStars has prohibited players to take this unfair advantage against others during the game.
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