6 variant míchání karet

Chcete si obohatit svůj repertoár technik pro míchání hracích karet? Pak se určitě podívejte na stránku:
Najdete zde tutoriály pro každý z následujících 6-ti způsobů míchání karet:
- The Overhand Shuffle 
- The Hindu Shuffle - The Weave Shuffle 
- The Riffle Shuffle 
- The Table Riffle Shuffle 
- The Strip Shuffle 
Cituji z úvodu článku:
"Many people have difficulty shuffling playing cards, and this can be problematic when playing at a table without a professional dealer – such as in home games or self dealt games (where each player takes it in turn to shuffle and deal). The solution to this problem is to get a pack of playing cards and learn how to shuffle – which is the objective of these card shuffling tutorials.
Over the years I’ve sat next to lots of players who say "I can’t shuffle" or "excuse my poor shuffling". If they’re really bad then someone usually offers to shuffle for them, for which they’re usually grateful. If you fall into this minority of poker players then now is the time to learn. You probably can’t shuffle because you’ve never been taught the correct techniques. While you may think shuffling cards looks hard or complicated, it’s actually fairly easy. It’s similar to when you learn how to play poker, i.e. understanding the correct techniques, and then practicing. Repetition is the key to success!"
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