New plans for the near future.

Starting today ( 17.8.2014 ), I renew the publishing in this weblog. I will publish the links leading to the best poker-websites with the news and with usefull articles about the poker game. I will renew publish my own reviews of software tools that support mastering strategy and tactics of the poker games. 
The first review will be devoted to a very interesting program, which has come with  a number of improvements and matured into the perfect tool for teaching and self-education of the poker game - namely: review of the Poker Genius ( www.poker-genius.com). You can find the product-logo with hyperlink to the product page in my non-profit web-portal. I hope that you will again find interesting and usefull information for your hobby or for your poker-profession. Thank you for visiting this weblog. doc. Arnošt Katolický.