About this weblog - warning and explanation

Publishing links to web-information about TH poker
I want to contribute to an objective view of this very
interesting game, with the combined use of different
knowledge and skills of the user, especially mathematics,
statistics and psychology. 
I will not promote any illegal activity that would
be inconsistent with the Czech laws or regulations. 
Use of the content of this blog and especially content of sites
to which this site links, is in full responsibility of Visitors of
this weblog.
I can not take responsibility for any

loss and injury! 
Assessment of the game, as well the reason for me to 
set up this blog will be exlayned in detail in one of 
next messages. 
Briefly outline: I studied special faculty of Technical University
in Prague, oriented to statistics  
and engineering insurance.
Poker contributes to the training at analytical thinking skills and
decision-making in situations of uncertainty, encountered
not only by the managers of companies and institutions, 
but also in the everyday life. 
I will be glad if this weblog will help to such use of 
poker, which will enrich your life.