Poker Genius - Review

Poker Genius contains a comprehensive suite of powerful poker tools.You may be wondering how you can best use these tools to improve and polish your game. Reading poker books is an excellent way to learn and understand new poker concepts. You can put the concepts into practice by trying them out in Poker Genius. The combination of a well written reference book and the ability to demonstrate those conceptsimmediately will solidify your understanding. There is no substitute for experience. With Poker Genius you can play at high speed to gain experience fast. Unlike real cash games, you can experiment with new styles and learn without losing your money. PG offeres a wide variety of different player styles to practice against.  PG supports all types of Limit and No-Limit Holdem games: Full Ring, 5-max, 6-max, Heads-Up. Master any poker tournament structure. PG included numerous predefined tournaments such as Sit-n-Go, Pokerstars Sunday Million, WCOOP, Turbos, Double-or-Nothing. Poker Genius utilizes Artificial Intelligence research developed over more than 10 yearsPoker Genius uses cutting edge machine learning algorithms and advanced understanding of game theory to dynamically adapt its play.
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